MTO(Made to Order)information



We will launch the Khish the Work MTO line at the 2023 exhibition and order event this year.

Khish the Work started the Numbers Collection the year before last, Bespoke last year, and this year we were finally able to launch MTO (Made to Order). Thank you for your patience.

MTO is an abbreviation for Made to Order, and is a made-to-order product that is manufactured by customizing the size, material, and detail specifications according to the customer’s order.

The goal of this MTO line is to encourage more people to wear leather shoes.

The Numbers Collection and bespoke shoes that I have produced so far are full of the attention to detail that can only be achieved through handmade products, but the number of products produced was limited and the prices were high.

MTO shoes are not designed to fit each individual’s feet, but we have developed a shoe last that is comfortable for most people and is easy to walk in. We also aim to offer attractive shoes at affordable prices without compromising on materials and tailoring, and to increase production numbers.


About the models, materials, specifications, and prices available at MTO

Walnut (Cap toe Oxford)

Classic style oxford. Standard cap toe.

Standard specification $1390

  • Single leather sole (Italy Bends)
  • Single welt
  • Waist edge: round

Pecan (Punched cap toe Oxford)

Classic style oxford. Simple brogue shoes with a single perforation on the toe cap.

Standard specification $1390

  • Single leather sole (Italy Bends)
  • Single welt
  • Waist edge: round

Mahogany (Full brogue Oxford)

A classic style full brogue oxford. A gorgeous design with perforations all over. Seamless heel.

Standard specification $1450

  • Single leather sole (Italy Bends)
  • Single welt
  • Waist edge: round

Chestnut (Apron derby with Norwegian stitching)

Italian classic apron derby. The U-shaped mocha is hand-stitched. A seamless heel with a single piece of leather that covers almost the entire foot. Adopts a bellows tongue that wraps around the foot with the opening of the shoe shaped like a bag.

Standard specification $1450

  • Single leather sole thick (Italy Bends)
  • Single welt
  • Waist edge: Square

Oak (Country brogue Derby)

Wingtip derby with a casual atmosphere. A design that enhances its presence with fine double stitches instead of perforations. The upper stitching can be selected from white or the same color as the leather.
Seamless heel.

Standard specification $1390

  • Single leather sole thick (Italy Bends)
  • Single welt
  • Waist edge: Square

Sawtooth (Punched cap toe Derby)

Casual cap toe derby. Features include gimping, double stitching, and large perforations. Seamless heel.

Standard specification $1390

  • Single leather sole thick (Italy Bends)
  • Single welt
  • Waist edge: Square

Alder (Whole cut Derby)

A simple whole-cut style derby. The design is made of one large piece of leather. The base of the hand-sewn facing parts is a design point that gives it a sense of the thickness and texture of the leather.

Standard specification $1450

  • Single leather sole (Italy Bends)
  • Single welt
  • Waist edge: Square

Snowbell (3 eyelets plane Derby)

A plain 3 eyelets derby with a modern feel. The design lines give a sense of roundness and unity, and the sole has a rounded finish. Seamless heel.

Standard specification $1390

  • Single leather sole (Italy Bends)
  • Single welt
  • All around the edge: round

These samples may differ slightly from the actual product specifications, but please rest assured that the basic design will remain the same. Please also note that detailed specifications may change without notice in order to improve quality.


The options for soles and their additional charges are as follows.

  • Double welt: $29
  • Double sole: $45
  • Half-painted finish: $35
  • All-painted finish: $39
  • Oak bark sole (Baker): $49
  • Half rubber: $39
  • Metal toe tip: $39
  • Rubber sole (vibram#2055): $0

Completely handmade

You can also choose a completely handmade version with the outsole sewn by hand.

  • Completely handmade (oak bark sole and beveled waist included): $350

For single welt, a beveled waist is standard. Double welt is also available as an option. The oak bark sole is made by Martin, Germany.

The options and additional charges for completely handmade products are as follows.

  • Fiddleback: $39
  • White stitching (outsole stitching): $19


You can choose from a variety of materials for the upper leather. Box calf, suede, embossed leather, goatskin, boarskin, bearskin, cordovan.

You can also choose the color of the lining. Each material has a different price.

Box calf

  • Weinheimer: $0
     Black only
  • Ilcea 5 colors: $0
     D.Brown(dark brown)
     Rust(light brown)

Museum calf

  • Ilcea 9 colors: $0
     Steel(grayish brown)
     01(dark brown)
     Bracklen(reddish brown)
     Cognac(light brown)
     Alloro(dark green)

Embossed leather

  • Horween PIONEER REINDEER 3 colors: $0
     Dark Brown


  • Ilcea Alicante 5 colors: $0
     Dark Brown(dark brown)
     Tabacco(light brown)


  • Arlan Chevre SULLY (goat leather) 9 colors: $0
     Orange (orange)
     Chocolat (dark brown)
     Violet (purple)
     Aubergine (burgundy)
     Campanule (light ultramarine blue)
     Douglas (khaki)
     Lazuli (ultramarine blue)
     Noir (black)
     Tourterelle (grayish beige)
  • Boar leather, 3 colors: $60
     Dark brown
  • Asiatic black bear leather, 2 colors: $200
  • Horween Shell Cordovan, 5 colors: $550
     #8 Dark Burgundy
     Dark Cognac
     #1 Natural
     #2 Cognac
     #3 Burgundy
     #4 Camel
     #5 Navy
     #6 Black
     #7 Green


  • Calf lining in 8 colors
     Light blue



11 sizes from JP 23.0cm to 28.0cm (equivalent to UK 4.5 to 9.5)

The shoe last is 1 type, round toe only. There is no variation in shoe width.

If you try on fitting shoes and find that your little finger or thumb is too tight, we can adjust the fit by pasting 1.5mm leather on the shoe last. This is available for $29 per location.(This is possible if you actually wear the fitting shoes. Currently, fitting shoes can only be worn at pre-order events in Japan.)

A hinged shoe trees for MTO lasts are sold separately and cost $190.

The delivery time is approximately four months, but there may be unavoidable delays due to the availability of leather (if the manufacturer does not have it in stock, there may be a delay of several months). In that case, we will contact you as soon as we understand the situation.

We will send the finished shoes by mail, so you will be charged an additional shipping fee.

Delivery time may be extended depending on the number of orders, but we will notify you at the time of order.

Payment and some reservation slots

Full payment must be made in advance at the ordering event. You can pay by cash or credit card.

For MTO orders, we have an order reservation slot, so you can reserve your order date and time in advance. Of course, we also accept orders on the day without a reservation, but you may have to wait depending on the congestion situation. We will notify you separately regarding reservations.


This MTO is a new product that we have put a lot of effort into developing. I hope that many people will enjoy wearing it.

At the exhibition, in addition to MTO orders, the Numbers Collection will be displayed and sold, new leather accessories will be on display, and you will be able to try on fitting shoes. The event will be held from November 17th to 20th at Gallery Quadro. Admission is free and reservations are not required, so please come by.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know by commenting on this article or the video below. We look forward to meeting you!